September 7-16, 2019

Join friends from Cedar Run as we retrace the path of the patriarchs and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Together, we’ll gain greater insight into the Scriptures and a new understanding of the land that Christ called home.


  • Sea of Galilee: We’ll spend 4 nights on the Sea of Galilee, visiting Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, crossing the Sea of Galilee, praying on the Mt of Beatitudes, visiting Peter’s home in Capernaum and Magdala’s 1st-century synagogue. There will be an opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River.
  • Dead Sea Region: We’ll spend 2 nights on the incredible Dead Sea region, exploring ancient ruins, including Abraham’s well, Herod’s fortress, Goliath’s stronghold and David’s desert refuge.
  • Jerusalem: We’ll spend 4 nights in Jerusalem experiencing the Garden of Gethsemane, the Temple Mount, and the Mount of Olives. We’ll peek into caves that may have hosted the birth of Jesus, and visit the Upper Room, as the streets of Jerusalem bring to life the stories we learn in scripture.

Orientation Sessions

For those embarking on the Holy Land Journey and those who just want to know more, please join for a more in-depth look at the Land, the People, and the Scriptures. Each session will be immediately following the 10:30 am service.

  • March 17: Israel Sites- We’ll take a look together at the places we’ll be visiting, and consider them in the context of the Biblical narrative found in both the Old and New Testaments. There will be plenty of time for questions as we snack on some yummy Middle Eastern favorite treats.
  • May 5: The Land and the People Today-  Our news is filled with stories about Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  For most of us, it is confusing at very best, and it doesn’t help that different news organizations have different names for the same places and events.  We’ll take a look at the geopolitical events that have shaped the land today. We hope to have a leading expert come and answer our questions.
  • July 21: Who are all those Herods anyway?  Plus, a visit with Andre- We’ll take a look at the history that shaped the land since Jesus’ day as it relates to our journey.  There’s no need to memorize or study- we’ll provide some handy cheat sheets to use along the way. Thanks to Face Time, our tour guide, Andre Moubarak will visit with us and answer any questions we might still have.

Suggested Readings

For those who are looking for reading resources before the trip, below is a list of great material. Enjoy!

  • The Bible-Nothing beats time in the scripture! As a resource when reading the Bible, there are some great tools available to understand the storyline of the Biblical narrative. A favorite resource is This website contains short videos for each book of the Bible, as well as many thematic videos that are really helpful and fun.
  • Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth E. Bailey- Beginning with Jesus’ birth, Ken Bailey examines the life and ministry of Jesus, lifting away some of the obscuring layers of modern Western interpretation to reveal Jesus in the light of his actual historical and cultural setting.
  • The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan- The tale of a simple act of faith between two young people – one Israeli, one Palestinian – that symbolizes the hope for peace in the Middle East. Their stories form a personal microcosm of the last 70 years of Israeli-Palestinian history. In a region that seems ever more divided, The Lemon Tree is a reminder of all that is at stake, and of all that is still possible.
  • Jerusalem: The Biography, Simon Sebag Montefiore This is not a light read. Rather it is a very detailed history of the city, and as such, is a great resource for those who want to dig deeper into the land and its history.
  • One Friday in Jerusalem: Walking to Calvary – a Tour, a Faith, a Life, Andre Moubarak- The Via Dolorosa. The “Way of Sorrow,” held for centuries to be the road Jesus walked to His crucifixion. For countless believers across the world, it is the spiritual pilgrimage of a lifetime. For Andre Moubarak, it is his home and his life. Join Andre for a very special journey down this storied street he knows so intimately. Copies of this book will be available at each of the trip orientation sessions.


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