Love In Action

Have you ever wanted your child(ren) to take off some of their “ME-centered” attitude and put on a more caring attitude toward those around them?

If so, come join us as we launch our new KidsServe Family version this year!

What We Do:

In one word: Empowerment

In a few more words: Raising a new generation to create a better world through empowerment.

In even more words: We are a ministry that strongly believes that kids can make a difference in this world. We also believe that childhood experience of serving others in need will influence the way that they grow up. We teach them about the needs of this world, teach God’s words, and then collectively take action in serving. Our hope and prayer is that our students will have a deep understanding of what God calls us to do in the face of those in need, and know how and what to do about it.

Who Can Join:

School aged kids (K-5) and all of their family members are welcome, including parents, grandparents, older/younger siblings, etc.

Some of our past projects have included:

  • Held a Bake Sale and sent fruit trees, mosquito nets, cows to a remote village in Africa
  • Filled shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for children for Operation Christmas Child
  • Went caroling at a local Senior Living facility and Rehabilitation Center
  • Wrapped Bibles and wrote notes to teens at a local Juvenile Detention Center
  • Packed weekend food packages for a local ministry, “Help Hungry Kids”
  • Packed “Birthday Bags” for Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
  • Packed gift bags for the local Ronald McDonald House patients and family members

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