We are a different type of church – with an unchanging message.

If this is your first visit to our site (or if you have not yet visited our church) please allow us to introduce just four distinctives of Cedar Run that we think you’ll appreciate.

We are bound to truth, not tradition.

While we will never compromise the timeless message of the Gospel, we do not hesitate to use creative and non-traditional methods in our various ministries, whenever those methods would help us communicate more effectively.

We are people-focused, not program-driven.

Using the resources God provides, we care for the people He brings through our doors. Our aim is not to grow large programs, but to effectively care for all people who call Cedar Run their church home.

We minister in the context of relationships.

Because God is a personal God, we believe that the most effective means of ministering to others is in the context of personal relationships. We provide a wide range of ministries that offer opportunities for people to develop relationships with one another and to be connected to the church on a more personal level.

We provide a full range of ministries.

Our ministries are designed to meet people’s needs at every point on the spiritual continuum, from people just beginning to investigate Christianity to new believers to people who are seeking ways to further develop a deep and growing relationship with Christ. We also want to continually look for ways to extend the ministry of Cedar Run Community Church beyond our church walls to help meet the very real physical and material needs of those in our community and across the world.