Cedar Run Student Ministry is for 5th-12th graders!
56 ‘n the Mix is grades 5-6  |  FADE is grades 7-8  |  REVERB is grades 9-12

This ministry is designed to give 5th & 6th graders the opportunity to build a sustainable, real, and effective faith in Christ. Your students will engage in exciting curriculum and teaching, as well as games, relationship building, and further understanding of their walk with Christ.

Fade is our Middle School ministry, which covers 7th & 8th grades. As we continue walking with your students, this ministry will teach them how to fade themselves out while fading Christ into their lives. This happens through discipleship, grounded Biblical teaching, and exciting games.

In our High School ministry, students are learning how to exemplify and put into practice the active faith Christ calls us to have. Through a tangible walk, students learn to make their faith personal and effective among their peers.

All youth meet at 10:30 am starting in the service.

They also have various other activities, service opportunities and events. Visit our events page HERE and filter by High School, Middle School, and/or Youth.

For more information about our youth program please click HERE.