new-comm-menBased on John 13:34 our men come together on the third Saturday of each month to meet the needs of single moms, widows, and Cedar Run families.  We meet for a brief spiritual challenge and prayer at 8 am then go out in teams of three or four to help our adopted families.  The same team goes to the same care receiving family each month.  This builds continuity and community for the long term.

The men do basic chores around the home such as fix leaky faucets, clean windows, haul trash, etc.   We have a targeted stopping time of 11 or 11:30 am.  At the beginning or the end of their time at the care receiver’s home, the men gather around their care receiver and pray with them.  The care receiver understands that they will receive a regular, monthly visit (at minimum) by the men.  The physical work is the bridge to providing supportive, prayerful relationships within each team and between the team and the care receiver.

The harvest is plentiful and we can always use more workers.  This involves a long-term commitment to the men on one’s team and to the assigned care receiver.  It is serious business, but we have a lot of fun in the process! Please contact Bill Hite with any questions regarding the ministry and expectations of the men who join.

New Commandment Men’s Ministries helps churches across America and around the world recruit, train, organize and deploy teams of men that permanently adopt the widowed, single parents and others with long term needs in their church and community. Find out more about this ministry here.