Swords!  Catapults!  Explosions! 

Friday Knights is a place where boys, in Kindergarten through 6th grade, can do all the things that boys love while learning what it means to become a Godly man.  Scripture comes alive with loud and energetic activities that illustrate principles of integrity, responsibility, and courageous leadership.

Things to look forward to:

† Lego Night
† Water Balloon Wars
† Life-Size Mario Carts
† Night Vision Equipment Demo
† Laser Tag
† Fruit Smashing

Friday Knights is about:

Fun† Boys are uniquely created with a little extra exuberance in all things, but especially in destruction.  Friday Knights teaches Godly principles through activities that focus on doing what boys love.  Build a catapult to destroy a fortress, learn how to wield a foam sword properly, or create a Lego car that will survive the demolition derby.

Brotherhood† Boys are placed in small groups with boys of their age and spend time competing in games with the group, eating, and discussing the lesson each month.  This provides a safe place for boys to talk about how they are really going to respond to what God is teaching them.  Our high school interns provide a role model to lead the discussion.

Character† Boys are trained to carefully consider what kind of man they want to become. The principles of integrity, responsibility, and courageous leadership are taught with a focus on the blessing that results from following the wisdom God has given us in scripture.

Meetings are held during the school year from 6:30-8:00 pm one Friday each month. 

If you would like more information about Friday Knights please click HERE.